Is Perth the new Melbourne?

On a recent trip to Perth
we took the opportunity of visiting the car park under the newly refurbished
Condor Tower. Rather than painting the multi level underground car park in the
usual regulation grey (or the more unusual bright white) the developer of the
site was keen to do something different. And to that effect he engaged the
services of Steve Berrick and the team at Ololo. Through various connections a number of graffiti artists gave their time at
no cost to decorate specific sections of the car park with images loosely
following various themes depending on the individual levels of the car park (Space,
Sky, Land, Underwater and so on). This is how the organisers described the

On Saturday July 25th, we will unveil
what we deem to be the largest permanent street art exhibition in the southern
hemisphere. Housed at the base of the newly built Condor Tower, the 5 level car
park has seen more than 60 artists add their artwork to the space, mostly
locals with a handful from over east and a couple of internationals.

The developer was delighted with the outcome (particularly given that the cost
of the project was limited to the paint, with the artists donating their time
free of charge). This is one unique way of ensuring you remember where you left
your car!

Below are some additional images we took in the Condor Towers car park.

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