White Paper; Electric vehicles in Australia



In Australia, electric vehicles (EVs) still represent a small component of new vehicle sales. In 2016 the EV market share of new vehicle sales was 1.12%, a 5% decrease in relation to 2015 primarily due to the 80% decrease in sales of battery electric vehicles (BEV).
Despite some European countries leaping ahead with EV implementation, there is currently a great level of uncertainty about when EVs will have a significant presence on Australian roads. Based on a number of independent projections we have reviewed, ptc. estimates that EV’s will reach 20% share of the Australian car parc (total number of cars in use within a country) by 2035. Understandably, local authorities are keen to identify their role in this process, especially in relation to providing the necessary infrastructure. With Mosman Council’s support, ptc. has prepared this White Paper to identify different approaches to the provision of charging networks.


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