Didn’t plan for this…

We came across an interesting article in the Canberra Times this week about the most planned of all Australian cities, Canberra. Architects and sustainability experts are concerned about the increasing rate of urban sprawl in the city, especially in the northern suburbs, and the impact on the city’s future.

“But the more that planning and transport experts promote a compact city to address climate change, counter rising petrol prices, traffic congestion, the high cost of doing business in Canberra, the more it seems the ACT is going in the opposite direction. This city which prides itself on sound planning is spending billions of dollars on new roads, freeways, lakeside car parks and multi-level car parking towers to keep cars as the first mode of transport” says John Thistleton.

This is representative of the issues being faced by most Australian cities and the lack of vision in future-proofing of metropolitan areas. We are strongly of the belief that parking is just one of the elements in a wider transportation and accessibility issue and as long as new car park spaces continue to be built…

Read the full article, Sprawling from Grace, here.

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