Colliers 2010 Global CBD Parking Rate Survey

Colliers have released their Global CBD Parking Rate Survey for 2010, with Australian cities again featuring high in the rankings. According to the survey, Sydney is now the fourth most expensive city to park (USD $51.18 daily), behind Oslo, Tokyo, and London (City), but ahead of major centres including London (West End), New York and a large number of European cities.

Comparatively, Brisbane and Melbourne prices both work out at $29.61 per day, and Perth at $24.67, all making the top 50 most expensive cities. Given the strength of the Australian dollar of late, these ranking would have pushed the Australian prices even higher since these figures were compiled using the exchange rate on June 1, 2010.

Sydney and Perth also ranked high in the monthly parking rates, with Sydney as the 7th most expensive ($591.28), and Perth at number 8 ($563.37), whilst Brisbane ($469.47) and Melbourne ($296.07) also made the top 50.

A major contributor to Sydney’s increased parking rates would have been the 110% increase in the Parking Space Levy in June 2009.

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