Car parking rates across Australia

A while ago, we posted about the ‘Cheap Parking’ application for iPhones – it will tell you the prices charged at all of the car parks around you at any given time of day, with the aim of helping you find the cheapest parking for your needs.

The company behind the app has recently published a list of some of the most and least expensive parking in each of the major capital cities of Australia.

The information published includes most expensive and cheapest 1 hour rate, most expensive and least expensive 9 hour rate, and most expensive and cheapest Early Bird rate, covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Unsurprisingly, Sydney took out the highest rates for all three categories, with the highest rates being $40 for one hour; $142 for nine hours, and $42 as the most expensive early bird rate.

The ‘car parking guru’ website has also published several other findings from their parking rate surveys, including an analysis of demand for car parking. They found that there are more searches for car parking as the week goes on, peaking on Friday. They also found that the peak demand for parking, again not surprisingly, is between 10am and 12pm.

Useful data for all of us, and not just for use in our car parking data projections! 

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