Black Friday: shopping responsibly

Last week, PCI blogged about Parking ‘Black Friday’ – Thanksgiving Friday in the US, and one of the busiest parking days of the year due to the number of shoppers looking to pick up holiday bargains.

An initiative called ‘Buy Nothing Day’ has recently emerged in the US to coincide with one of the busiest shopping days on the retail calendar, and designed to encourage people to simply consume less.

We thought our readers might be interested to hear the results of a survey conducted by prominent US / global ‘green’ site TreeHugger, with the intention of gauging sentiment about what people would be doing on ‘Black Friday’ – hitting the shops, observing ‘Buy Nothing Day’, or consciously choosing to buy responsibly (ethically, responsibly, and locally).

Even though we acknowledge that the audience and readership of Tree Hugger would comprise the more engaged, passionate and actively environmentally conscious segment of society, we still find the results interesting – very few Americans are so far interested in the concept of responsible shopping. It would seem from these results that parking in malls throughout the US was still a nightmare!

What do you think? Do you believe that shopping ethically, responsibly and locally is something that should become a way of life rather than a “once a year gimmick”? Let us know through our ‘comments’ dialogue below.

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