Bikes and cars battle for parking in the UAE

It’s confusing times for motorists in U.A.E when it comes to street parking, especially for motorcyclists. A report from Emirates 24 | 7 has highlighted the confusion with stories of misinformation, blatant disregard for the law and officials willing to “turn a blind eye”….. sometimes.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Car owners claim that parking spots are at a premium in an already congested part of the world and motorcyclists don’t have the right to take up a perfectly good car space to park their bikes.

Riders on the other hand claim that there are no dedicated motorbike spaces in a majority of parking areas, so they have no alternative. If they park on the sidewalk, they will be fined.

According to a source from the RTA (Dubai’s roads authority), it turns out that it is actually illegal for a motorbike to park in the middle of a car space. However, leniency is shown when the bike is put to rest on the side of the parking spot, next to or between parked cars. This ruling is further complicated because it is generally accepted that the rules do not really apply to motorbikes used by “delivery boys”.

Confused? Spare a thought for the motorists of the United Arab Emirates. Parking fines in Dubai are 200 Dirhams or approximately $55AUD.
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