Americans are working to feed their cars

Cycling enthusiast James Schwartz published an article recently on the cost of owning a car in America. According to his
findings on the average rates of car ownership, when compared to the median
household income, the average employee needs to work around 2.9 hours every
day, just to pay for their car.

In addition to the substantial cost required for the
freedom of owning a car, the average American spends around 48 minutes each day
sitting in their car, while commuters in larger cities spend even more time getting
to and from work.

TreeHugger published the calculations behind these
findings, noting that in the US the average ownership of 2.28 cars per
household, combined with an average $50k household income, is not sustainable.

These statistics, if correct, paint a less than rosy
future for the private automobile. The article is interesting also in the
Australian context considering the issues our cities are also facing in terms
of congestion and usage costs. It’s certainly data that urban transportation
planners and developers should be aware of in determining parking requirements
going forward.

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