Weekend clearways address Sydney’s constant congestion

In a bid to solve weekend traffic congestion around Sydney, the Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, has recently implemented weekend clearways on Victoria Road, with another four major stretches around the city earmarked for the same (Lane Cove Road, Mona Vale Road, Princes Highway and King Georges/Roberts Road).

In an editorial piece in the SMH (second article) this past weekend, it was suggested that the weekend traffic problems (which can be even more severe and unpredictable than during the week) are linked to the “baby boom” effect of the last decade.  Parents of young kids are on the road heading off to sport (definitely), along with trend-seeking diners travelling out of their own suburbs for brunch (possibly), and boomers visiting the grandparents (doubtful, but nice to imagine).

Whatever the reason, most Sydneysiders would agree that there seems to be no rest from our fair city’s traffic chaos (except perhaps during school holidays in January), so weekend parking restrictions along these major thoroughfares are probably a good start.

The editorial also suggested another very sensible solution: cease cancelling train services for weekend trackwork!  This practice was introduced during the late 1890s and is long overdue for a rethink.  The statistics clearly indicate that weekend traffic is worsening at faster pace than weekday traffic, so considering alternative times for trackwork may, indeed, offer some relief.

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