NSW’s proposed Opal ticketing system

Sydney residents can expect the first release of an electronic ticketing system at the end of 2012 as a part of the NSW Transport Master plan and a commitment in the NSW Budget, released in June. The ticketing system, called Opal, will be rolled out on Sydney’s ferries by the end of this year, before […]

Plug-in vehicles, plugged in policy?

A report from the UK’s Transport Select Committee recently published in Britain has claimed that sales of electric vehicles (EV’s) are on forecast for growth but remain relatively small despite the introduction of a Government plug-in grant. Incentives offered by the government include financial subsidies for consumers as well as funding for publicly available vehicle […]

Can the bicycle save the high street?

Following an article we published in March, ‘Why cyclists are better customers for local businesses’, we recently came across another article that also found that cyclists and pedestrians tend to spend more money in local economies. According to TreeHugger, both Portland, Oregon and New York’s East Village have found that streets that promote cycling and […]

Seeing the back of the car

Following our article last week, ‘Population density puts the squeeze on cars’, we came across an in-depth article from The Economist this week, titled ‘Seeing the back of the car’. The article explores how in the developed world, people seem to be driving less than they used to, with both car ownership and distances driven […]

Population density puts squeeze on cars

Media in Europe has recently been discussing the future of the automobile, with car makers reportedly concerned about the impact that increasingly dense urban cities will have on demand for cars. According to Fairfax Media, population experts estimate that by 2050 more than 60 per cent of the developed world will live in high-density areas […]

Westminster City installs bay sensors

Westminster Council has now installed the in-ground sensors we recently reported on, as well as launching a parking app to help drivers see if an on-street parking space is available on an individual road. The free app (available here on the app store, and with screengrabs below) is able to display real-time availability for spaces […]

Parking and Traffic Consultants – on the move!

A message from Parking & Traffic Consultants’ Managing Partner, Cristina Lynn. I am pleased to announce that we are moving to larger premises to accommodate the expanding number of consultants. As from 5th October 2012 our new details will be as follows: Suite 102, 506 Miller Street Cammeray NSW 2062 Telephone: 02-89 200 800 Fax: […]

The case for eliminating disabled parking permits

As we’ve reported before, the abuse of disabled parking permits is widespread across the US (and not just there!). Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia are all reporting problems, with the situation particularly bad in Los Angeles, where a 2010 investigation found disabled passes in 80 per cent of parked cars in a […]

Car sharing: data shows it may be working

The city of Hoboken, New Jersey, introduced a car sharing scheme over two years ago; based on the assumption that they would create parking spaces by taking them away. According to the New York Times, 42 of the city’s roughly 9,000 on-street spaces were allocated to the car sharing program upon inception. Survey data shows […]

The world is on track to be one giant parking lot

A study recently published by Uri Dadush of the Carnegie Endowment proposed a new definition for ‘middle class’: those who own a car. Dadush contends that the number of passenger cars in circulation can be considered a direct measure of the middle class in developing countries. An article on TreeHugger says that if this theory […]

How much does it cost to buy a car park in Melbourne CBD?

The 427-bay car park at 222 Russell Street in Melbourne’s CBD has sold for close to $17 million, at a yield of slightly more than 7 per cent. According to the Australian Financial Review, the result is a lot sharper than the property’s December 2011 book value of $14 million on capitalisation rate of 8.5 […]

NSW Government announces draft transport plan

On Tuesday this week, the NSW government announced the latest transport master plan, proposing four new motorways and another rail crossing under Sydney Harbour. The plan identifies four lead projects to complete the ‘missing links’ in Sydney’s motorway network: the M4 motorway extension between Strathfield in the inner west and the Port Botany–Sydney Airport precinct in […]

Britain’s parking demand

Following the recent publishing of the RAC report into UK parking policy and practice, the UK’s Telegraph has distilled many of the key findings of the report, including: The current number of cars on UK roads is 28.5 million. In 1950 there were two million cars on the roads, and the projection is to reach […]

Smarter parking meters for “human cities”

An article published by social scientist Thomas Erickson compares his experience of parking in two cities. In one, overstaying the allotted time on his meter led to a ‘courtesy ticket’ with no charge as a warning. In another city, a 3 minute lapse led to a $42 ticket, with no reprieve for first offenders. In […]

Driving versus riding your bike: a cost calculator

How much exactly does it cost to ride a bicycle instead of driving a car? There’s an answer for that, and it’s personalised to your own usage. The Saving Electricity site has come up with a biking vs driving calculator, that lets people plug in their own data to calculate how much they are able […]

Victorian car park congestion levy to stay

A study published by Monash University has found that the congestion charge on city car parks in Melbourne has not eased congestion. The levy, introduced in 2006, applies to 50,000 car spaces in Melbourne and was designed to stop people driving into the city. According to Yahoo, The Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells claims that the […]

Los Angeles may reduce parking requirements for businesses

Los Angeles councillors have backed an ordinance that would allow real estate developers, landlords and business owners to reduce the number of parking spaces to be supplied their buildings and projects. According to the Los Angeles Times, the action represents an effort to breathe new life into tanking business districts and drive new housing construction […]

Sydney’s CBD bike path debate continues

Whilst on the subject of bikes, according to a number of expert reports obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, the controversial bicycle lanes in Sydney’s CBD have made little to no impact on the city’s general traffic congestion. The consensus amongst traffic experts is that congestion continues as no car traffic lanes have been removed […]

London installs in-street parking sensors

Westminster City Council, in central London, is set to become the first to use in-ground sensor technology to detect whether a car is parked in the space. According to UK’s Telegraph, the three month trial will be run across a number of streets, with plans to roll out the technology to the rest of the West […]

Parking policy and practice – a UK report

<div><img alt=”” src=”https://ptcconsultants.co/Images/blog/_2012/1508-spacedout.jpg” style=”border: 0px;” /><br /> </div> <div> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>A report released in July by the UK&rsquo;s Royal Automobile Club (RAC) has detailed British parking policy and practice. Called &lsquo;<a href=”http://www.racfoundation.org/assets/rac_foundation/content/downloadables/spaced_out-bates_leibling-jul12.pdf” target=”_blank”>Spaced Out: Perspectives on parking policy</a>&rsquo;, the 113 page report offers a huge depth of data on the industry. </span></p> […]

Is charging for parking un-Australian?

We came across a great opinion piece on Crikey.com.au this week that explored the issue of paid parking being introduced into some of Brisbane’s largest shopping malls, generating significant debate and outcry in the Sunshine State (see our previous post here). According to the Secretary of the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association in Queensland, […]

Can this decision by a UK Car Park operator be considered un-Olympic?

Britain’s biggest car park operator NCP was accused of taking advantage of the Olympics as charges at its central London sites increased by up to three-fold since the beginning of the games. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, visitors to the capital are being hit with parking prices ramped up by an ‘average’ of 40 […]

Australian Parking Convention 2012 – registrations now open

A message from Cristina Lynn, Parking & Traffic Consultants’ Managing Partner. As you may be aware the biennial convention organised by the Parking Association of Australia will be held on 11 – 13 November 2012 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. Similarly to the event held in 2010 the Exhibition will be occupying Hall […]

Parking spots for women introduced in Germany

(Yes, you may have heard about this already…!) The mayor of the German town of Triberg has courted controversy by introducing parking spaces for women only, which are wider and have better lighting. Explaining the policy, Mayor Gallus Strobel said it was a “natural” decision because men are better at parking than women. He then […]

How much does it cost to design and build a car park?

The most popular article on the Wayfinding Forum we’ve published (in terms of traffic to the article) was regarding the costs of building a car park (view the article, ‘How much does it cost to build a car park‘, here). This week, we came across data on the construction and design of car parks, with […]

Technology and innovation key trends in IPI survey

The 2012 Emerging Trends in Parking Survey from the International Parking Institute (IPI) has seen increased demand for technology-related innovations account for half of the top ten trends in today’s $30 billion parking industry. Among these trends include, cashless, electronic, and automatic payment systems; real-time information about parking rates and availability via mobile apps; and […]

Electric Vehicle charging in Europe

A report released by Pike Research into the deployment of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure across Europe has forecasted that by 2020 there will be more than 2.9 million plug-in electric vehicles on Europe’s roadways, and the region will have more than 4.1 million electric vehicle charging stations installed. The EV charging infrastructure that enables vehicles […]

Residents taking advantage of car park squeeze

With Brisbane’s CBD parking prices rapidly catching up to those in Sydney and Melboune, The Brisbane Times claims that a large number of inner city residents are leasing their garages and driveways to motorists, keen to avoid the off-street parking fees and on-street parking meters. Figures supplied from RentMyCarPark.com.au show that the average weekly rent […]

Road pricing may be the answer to transportation funding

In an article published on the Australian Financial Review recently, transport consultant John Cox claims that the potential introduction of road pricing is much needed with discussions going on under the surface. One of the biggest driving factors in the examination of road pricing has been the realisation that the congestion issue in Australian cities […]

Airport Operations 2012 Conference

The second annual Airport Operations Conference will be held in Canberra in September this year.  The conference is the only event addressing operational challenges and opportunities in airport development, and will take a close look at current trends, as well as offering a site tour of Canberra Airport. The key issues to be covered at […]