Sydney’s CBD bike path debate continues

Whilst on the subject of bikes, according to a number of expert reports obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, the controversial bicycle lanes in Sydney’s CBD have made little to no impact on the city’s general traffic congestion.

The consensus amongst traffic experts is that congestion continues as no car traffic lanes have been removed for the cycleways, only on-street parking.

The reports also contradict claims by the state government that the cycleways are in the wrong places, saying that the lanes are on the most appropriate routes, with the RMS (ex RTA) advising against other routes because they would have had a greater negative impact on bus traffic.

The RMS also reported that counts commissioned by the City of Sydney showed the majority of cyclists on College Street used the cycleway, and not the road, contrary to claims that more cyclists use the road than the cycleway.

The Herald’s freedom of information request sought all reports prepared since January 1, 2010, into the location of CBD cycleways. Out of the 467 pages reviewed, there is only a one-page, undated document that cites traffic problems in the afternoon peak hour caused by the bike path on Kent Street. But the vast majority of reports support the paths.

A new central Sydney traffic and transport committee, to be chaired by the director-general of Transport for NSW, Les Wielinga, would assess the location of cycleways. But that committee, announced in March, has not yet met. And apart from Mr Wielinga the government has not decided on its members.

The debate continues!

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