How much does it cost to design and build a car park?

The most popular article on the Wayfinding Forum we’ve published (in terms of traffic to the article) was regarding the costs of building a car park (view the article, ‘How much does it cost to build a car park‘, here). This week, we came across data on the construction and design of car parks, with links to some great resources from the US.

Below, we’ve provided links to three of the most relevant and data-rich sources we found.

Transportation Cost and Benefit Analysis, Parking Costs.

By the Victorian Transport Policy Institute, this chapter of a larger report explores the costs of providing parking. It investigates the costs of different types of parking facilities, the number of spaces per vehicle, and the distribution of parking costs. It also includes cost estimates for parking in the US. View on the VTP site here.

Parking Facilities, by WBDG.

This is a guide to the building and design of car parks, providing a comprehensive list of considerations, trends and emerging issues. View at the site.

Estimate of the number of car parks in the US.

From the Scientific American, this collection of links and resources focuses mainly on the volume of cars and vehicles in the US.

If any of our Wayfinding Forum readers have any other links, resources or data that is publicly available and would like to share them with us, please do so! You can email us or post a comment with any data in the comments section below. We’ll publish any great resources to our site next week.

Thanks to the Hybrid Garages site for this collection of links.

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