Sydney public transport mapping

Mapping of Sydney’s public transport network has revealed that huge pockets of the city are disadvantaged when it comes to convenient and frequent transport services.

According to ABC News, a community group called the Sydney Alliance has commissioned maps revealing the proximity and frequency of public transport services throughout greater Sydney.

Key findings of the mapping were that while a significant proportion of the city’s residents live within 400 metres of public transport, just 15 per cent of those locations have services that leave every 15 minutes or less.

The map shows average 15 minute frequencies across a period from 5am to midnight on a weekday. It may appear overly harsh in those cases for example, where some train stations or bus stops that have 10 minute frequencies in peak hour do not meet the 15 minute average across the whole day.

The agenda of the Sydney Alliance group is to promote public transport within 400 metres of every point across the city, running at a frequency of every 15 minutes. Sydney Alliance claim that this is based on research into successful public transport systems around the world.

You can read more on the Sydney Alliance on their website here, or view the map on the Sydney Morning Herald’s site here.

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