Parking prize at Melbourne Airport

Forget lotto – here’s a prize you might actually have a chance of winning! 

Promoting its Short-Term Car Park and online booking service, Melbourne Airport is running a competition that will score 12 lucky winners a permanent, private car spot – not for a month, or a year, but until 2020! 

Patrons of the car park are invited to submit a “selfie” including their car parked at the airport, and the best photo this month will win one of the 12 car spots. Imagine that — your personal, reserved spot – for the next seven years!  The promoter estimates the total prize pool at $117,298, but you may have to park there permanently for the next seven years to realise that.  Even if only used intermittently, the convenience factor would be worth gold to a weary commuter!

Melbourne Airport CEO, Chris Woodruff, presented the keys to the car park to the first month’s winner, Mark Webber (not the Formula 1 driver!!).  Webber’s shot featuring his young family was judged the winning entry from only 60 submissions. 

If you’re a Melbourne frequent flyer, you’d be crazy not to enter.  Since the competition is limited to Victorian residents (makes sense!), the odds are already miles ahead of anything you can hope for with a lottery ticket.

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