On street parking – Italian style

A guest post from Managing
Partner Cristina Lynn

You have to love the Italians. Not only are they the
G8’s most undisciplined parkers but no one seems to care that much. In Milan
the congestion tax has turned the areas surrounding the city centre into
gigantic car parks. With on street parking (as well as the popular ‘on
pavement’ parking) being free of charge, there is no incentive to use the few
available public car parks.

In Genoa, only a fool or a tourist would attempt to
drive into the centre of the old city and expect to find a parking place
(unless he or she was on a motor-scooter). In the summer beach resorts, such as
the one we visited in Sardinia, the rules are even more relaxed.

The additional parking burden caused by the influx of
tourists is eased by allowing parking on pedestrian crossings, on pavements, on
intersections and facing the traffic. Violations by local residents were
largely overlooked by the Vigili. Fines, where the official could be bothered
to get out his notebook and pencil, seemed to be restricted to tourists. 

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