More than half of British drivers don’t expect a red light

PCI’s UK correspondent, Kelvin Worthington, spied this week a somewhat alarming
article in the Telegraph, stating that 52% of British drivers cannot see red
traffic lights coming at signals at junctions and pedestrian crossings.

problem stems from the differing sequence of traffic lights. Whilst in
Australia, the ‘amber’ (orange) light is used only before a red signal, in the
UK it is used both before a red, and simultaneously with the red light before
the green light is displayed.

a result, a survey of 1,000 motorists has found that 39% incorrectly expect a
green light to be next in sequence after an amber light; 7% think that a green
and amber light will occur simultaneously – a combination that never actually
occurs – and 6% suppose it will be the red and amber signal.

safety experts are concerned that these results reflect the high level of
accidents at pedestrian crossings, with 31% of them occurring either at a
crossing, or within 50 meters of one.

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