Manly Council – great parking developments!

Council (in Sydney’s Northern Beaches) announced last week plans to build a two
storey car park underneath Manly Oval, as part of a plan to reduce the number
of cars in the village area.

The 800-space
underground car park will allow Council to demolish two other at grade car
parks with a combined capacity of 760 spaces in the central business district, thus
making the heart of Manly more welcoming for pedestrians. Council’s objectives
are to replace cars with bicycles, build a new pedestrian plaza, banish cars
from lanes, and even install light rail (a tram on a three kilometre loop to
encourage locals to shop without cars).

for the ‘Manly 2015’ scheme have been published on the Council website and are
now subject to community consultation. The local newspaper, The Manly Daily,
published an interesting opinion piece written by Manly resident David Harris.
We publish excerpts from his letter:

“The current proposal is to build a car park under Manly
oval to reduce the traffic moving around the Manly CBD. If we’re going in for
such a big infrastructure project for that purpose, why not go a step further
and reduce pressure on Spit Bridge by massively reducing the number of cars
going into the city each day.

“My proposal is to add a further level to the proposed
underground car park as part of a park-and-ride scheme to encourage commuters
north of Manly to park under Manly Oval each week day and travel to the city by
fast ferry (or regular ferry). In addition to extra parking space being provided,
the scheme would require some form of very regular and speedy transport from
the car park to the wharf.

“If we are to do it properly, we’d build an underground
light rail tunnel between the parking station and the wharf and re-build the
wharf so that the light rail could set down on the wharf itself, or directly in
front, and then loop back to the parking station. 
And we’d put the bus interchange, currently at the wharf,
right there in the underground car park, thus eliminating the need for buses to
go to wharf at all.

“Yes, it would cost a bit, but nowhere near as much as
current suggested plans to re-build or widen the Spit Bridge or build a tunnel
under Mosman and Cremorne. 
Commuters would purchase a ticket which would cover
parking for the day and the return ferry ride.

“If we’re going to re-vamp Manly, let’s do it properly.”

food for thought, Mr. Harris – we would certainly be happy to get involved in a
feasibility study!

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