Japan’s underground bike parking solution

Tokyo is a metropolis of over 13 million people, all trying to get around by the best means possible. Overwhelming congestion means that car travel is sluggish and we’ve all seen images of “train pushers” (or oshiya) cramming passengers onto Japan’s subway system. As a result, cycling is trending as a preference for many commuters.

Yet with an increasing number of cyclists trying to park their bikes on already cramped sidewalks, space and security has become problematic.

So in typically innovative Japanese style, a technological solution called the Eco Cycle has been created. The mechanism will use a fully automated system to take a bicycle from its owner aboveground and lower it safely underground using ID sensors to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of an account holder’s bike.

The best way to demonstrate how it works is to see it in action. Take a look at this clip to see how amazing this device really is. The best thing of all is that bike locks and chains will become a thing of the past!

Thanks to our analyst Sunny Huang for alerting us to this story!

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