How did car parks come about? See the House of Cars exhibition

Currently underway in the National Building Museum in Washington, the ‘House of Cars’ exhibition is gathering positive press from the industry.

As read in the National Parking Association’s website (presenting sponsor of the event):

House of Cars is the first exhibition of its kind to explore parking garages and the parking industry. It presents the history of parking structures, from the first decades of the 20th century to the stylish and innovative buildings of today. The exhibition covers engineering, design, and the future of parking, and its dynamic design and ideas will engage the Museum’s visitors of all ages from around the country and the world.

On one of the many articles we found on the web regarding the exhibition, I read that whilst Henry Ford was the father of the automobile, the parking garage, as most other inventions had necessity for a mother! If you have 5 minutes please listen to the interview with Sarah Leavitt, the exhibition’s curator – it gives a very nice and succinct story on the development of car parks in the USA. Listen to the interview here.<

And by the way if you are driving to see the exhibition, be aware that the nearest car park is two blocks away!

We have included some of our favourite shots from the exhibition above and below (all images © Anne McDonough), and you can view more detail on the National Parking Association’s website, or on the National Building Museum site.

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