Don’t try this in your car park!

One of our European bloggers sent us information on an
installation by Swedish artist Gustav Hellberg, who has created an accessible and
interactive work of art made up of 24 automatic ABACUS barriers. The barrier arms
are raised and lowered randomly by a central control unit, thus constantly
opening up and closing down sections within the 13 x 13 metre area.

“The `Obstruction´ project relates to both
physical and mental obstacles which people in their lives are confronted with.
It also examines people’s inclination to define certain fields within which
permission to enter or not constitutes a demonstration of power,” explains
Gustav Hellberg on the background to his artistic installation.

At the moment ‘Obstruction’ is on display in one of
the main squares in Malmö, Sweden. It will be going on display on 10th
December at the Hamish Morrison Gallery in Berlin.

Read more on the installation, including a photo
gallery and a video, on Gustav Hellberg’s website here
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