Does parking supply influence transport planning?

Sareco, a Paris-based firm, recently published a paper
that explores car parking management and transport policies, and their
influence on greenhouse gas emissions. Notably, the paper claims that most
urban trips (both for commuting and pleasure) are influenced by the parking
conditions at their origin and destination.

Further, a research paper by UK-based academic Adrian
Taylor explored the interrelationship between parking management and travel
planning, with three key criteria for integrating the two policies:

  • Parking management provides the impetus for a shift
    to sustainable modes. Without changes to current parking conditions, existing
    car drivers have limited incentives for modal shift and are likely to continue
    their existing travel behaviour;
  • For effective and fair parking management, sustainable
    travel alternatives need to be in place for individuals removed of their
    parking entitlement. Travel planning can deliver a ‘package’ of options for
    alternative travel modes and guard against potential problems, including
    overspill into inappropriate residential areas and attitudinal problems such as
    employee resentment; and
  • The introduction of parking charges can raise
    revenue for hypothecation into sustainable transport measures. Parking
    management can therefore be a financing mechanism for travel plan delivery.

According to National Geographic, Copenhagen has been
actively reducing its parking supply over the last 40 years, cutting the total
number of parking spaces by a small percentage each year.
Further momentum is growing, in Copenhagen and other cities
around the world, behind efforts to bump out large parking lots and on street
parking in favour of services and infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and
public transportation.

Easier said than done!

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