Disability Parking in Australia

Disability parking space

In 2018, there were 4.4 million Australians with a disability, 17.7% of the total population. When looking at the over 65-year-old age bracket, the prevalence of disability increased to 49.6%. Almost half (44.6%) of Australians with disability were over 65 years old, totalling 1.9 million people.

With an ageing population and an increase in life expectancy, accessibility will become even more relevant to city and development design. The more we provide tools for people with disability to have independence the more they can contribute to their communities.

Disability parking spaces and permits are just one aspect to be considered but it can be determinant to whether a person is able to get to their destination or not.

Guaranteeing that a person who needs assistance with mobility can get access to a disability parking space depends on establishing adequate standards and providing parking permits.

The Australian Disability Parking Scheme (ADPS), introduced in 2008, aims to achieve consistency in all Australian states and territories. The ADPS establishes minimum parking concessions and includes the Australian Disability Parking Permit. This permit is recognised nationally and should have consistent eligibility criteria.

Currently, Standards Australia is in the process of updating the 2890.6, which specifies minimum requirements for the provision of off-street parking facilities for people with disabilities. A draft has been released for public comments and now a committee is reviewing the comments received. The updated standard should be published later this year.

Andrew Morse discussed this topic at the Parking Australia Conference & Exhibition held in Adelaide from 4th to 6th of May 2022.

Andrew Morse at PACE

Andrew provided an overview of:

  • Disability statistics in Australia,
  • Parking permits and concessions
  • Enforcement numbers
  • Accessible parking requirements
  • Parking technology
  • Australian Standards.

Download the presentation:

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