Cristina is on the move (again)…

The next couple of weeks will be very interesting for Cristina Lynn. She is bound for South America to attend a couple of challenging conferences.

First stop is Brazil where a former organiser of the Intertraffic event in The Netherlands started a series of trade events in Sao Paulo, called TranspoQuip. This year, in addition to traffic and transport, they have a parking component. This is a particularly active time for parking in Brazil and the rest of South America since the World Cup AND the Olympics will be held there in the next five years.  The entire infrastructure of the country is being refreshed.  Brazil is the booming economy in the western hemisphere.  This will be the third year for the event, and it is growing every year. Cristina’s presentation is titled “A Parking Management Guide for Local Governments” and is being presented in conjunction with a team put together by John Van Horn which also includes Sandra Smith (Canadian Parking Association) and Dennis Cunning (DLC Consulting).

Second stop is Argentina, Cristina’s country of birth. Buenos Aires is hosting the first Airport National Conference hosted by “Aeropuertos Argentina 2000” which manages 33 airports in that country. Cristina’s presentation “Airport parking: a business or a service?”  will be delivered, for the first time, in Spanish – which will add a new component of excitement to the occasion.

Cristina will be reporting on both conferences and her impressions on these two huge cities on her return to the office in early December.    

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