Compact automated parking garage launched in LA

AutoParkiT has just been launched in the Van Nuys district of Los Angeles. The system is designed to automatically park, store and retrieve vehicles in a compact parking structure, using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology containing details of the user to ensure the swift identification and retrieval of vehicles.

Whilst automated mechanical parking is not new, this particular system (according to the manufacturer) is said to be more compact than others requiring a smaller footprint, therefore reducing construction costs for developers. Refining this technology will also benefit operators allowing a greater area for the primary land use (ie retail, commercial, education or residential) which should excite investors.

As with all other similar systems, automated car parks are environmentally friendly; with the car’s engine being switched off during the process and elimination of time usually taken by motorists driving around looking for parking, emissions are lessened; furthermore, energy savings are significant as a result of lighting not being required in the storage area.

Although this has been rolled out in a residential district of the city, AutoParkiT has been designed as a scalable system suitable for shopping malls, office parks, college campuses or any place where high-density parking is required. The key factor with these systems is the comparative cost of the construction and on-going maintenance of the system against traditional car parks once the improved efficiencies in terms of space utilization are taken into account.


The New York Times is now reporting on the next generation of this technology being planned for apartment buildings, where cars and their owners are whisked by elevator up to the owner’s condo. The first such development in Miama is due to be finished by early 2016.

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