City of Sydney releases transport strategy

The City of Sydney released its ‘Connecting the City’ Transport Strategy document this week. It includes a wide compilation of figures and statistics associated with traffic and transport movements in and around the city.

These statistics underscore the growing impacts on amenity, lifestyles and costs and reinforce why Sydney needs an integrated transport network.

Naturally, parking is an essential component of the strategy. Two key statistics that we found particularly telling were:

On each week day, 83,000 private cars enter Central Sydney, carrying around 110,000 people. Commercial vehicles make up around 13 per cent of all traffic, and taxis carry a further 13,000 people into the city.

The City has 160,000 parking spaces, or about 1.75 spaces for every registered vehicle – compared to an average of three spaces per vehicle Sydney-wide.

We are in the process of reviewing the document in full, particularly with regards to the impacts on property owners who have parking assets within the CBD. Watch this space – we will be publishing shortly our summary and commentary on the Wayfinding Forum.

In the meantime, if any of our readers is interested in finding out more, the reports, summaries and statistics can be found on the City of Sydney’s website here.

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