Senior Consultant

Since joining the parking industry in 1987, I have been intimately involved in most aspects of car park technology applications in addition to car park operations and management. Initially specialising in the delivery and maintenance of technology projects, I advanced into service management and sales management positions over the years. This real world experience in the industry has been invaluable as my exposure to different projects, specific client goals and witnessing the continual advances in technologies over the years allows me to provide valuable insight, perspective and measurable outcomes.

Now, after more than 30 years in the industry, my work at ptc. has given me the opportunity to develop and share my knowledge and expertise with our clients, but also with our other consultants ultimately ensuring that all aspects of a particular project can be assessed holistically. This commitment was recently recognised by Parking Australia, from whom I received the Individual Award of Excellence, of which I am extremely proud.

A healthy life balance is important for me so I am equally passionate about continuing to develop my finger style blues and slide guitar talents and will continue to reserve that little bit of time to continue my interest in landscape photography and 4 x 4 exploration of some of the most remote areas of Australia.


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