Parking Consultant

I joined team ptc. in July 2023, bringing over 14 years’ client-side experience in developing ground transport and parking revenue streams at Australian airports.   

My entrepreneurial nature developed in the late 1990’s when I owned and operated a successful small business which I later licensed to create a passive income stream. My journey into the world of parking and transport started in 2006 when I joined the commercial team at Cairns Airport. Since then, I have been fortunate to work in a variety of roles, collaborate with a range of talented executives and deliver successful growth initiatives at Cairns, Perth, and Hobart airports.    

I have sat in the client’s driving seat to lead and collaborate with multidisciplinary consultants (including ptc.) and a wide range of stakeholders to deliver projects with a strong commercial focus.  I believe success in business comes from always keeping the needs and wants of the end customer at the forefront. Bringing firsthand client-side experience into the consulting role allows me to understand the client perspective and the client-consultant dynamics, draw on practical experience to identify creative but pragmatic solutions and align solutions with what matters most to the client at the relevant stage of the project lifecycle. 

At ptc. I apply my parking, business and project leadership skills while leveraging ptc.’s extensive proprietary knowledge base. I love dissecting issues, analysing, synthesising data, and crafting elegant solutions which support clients to solve real world business problems and deliver tangible value.   

I thrive on the ebbs and flows, the dynamic blend of challenges in diverse contexts, and the continuous learning which all come with the adventure of consulting life. I am energised by immersing into each new project and working hard to deliver impact for the client. I also jump at the chance to unplug and when I am not working you will typically find me on or in the water, practicing Italian, zipping off on a trip or enjoying good food.

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