13th Australian Parking Convention is a resounding success

Following in the steps of the November 2010 Convention, the Parking Association of Australia held its 13th event at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre earlier this week. The event was characterised by a high level of local and international speakers that had the delegates particularly riveted to their seats. The exhibiton, in Hall 6 […]

American Dad cruising for car parking

<div><a href=”http://www.videobash.com/video_show/american-dad-parking-scene-229393″ target=”_blank”><img alt=”” src=”https://ptcconsultants.co/Images/blog/_2012/0711-americandad.jpg” style=”border: 0px;” /></a><br /> </div> <div> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>This is one of our favourite video clips, which is particularly relevant to the holiday parking season. Click on the image above to watch.&nbsp;</span></p> <br /> </div> Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

Kangaroo sparks hunt in multi-storey car park

<div><a href=”http://parkingconsultants.com/Kangaroo_sparks_hunt_in_multi-storey_car_park”><img alt=”” src=”https://ptcconsultants.co/Images/blog/_2012/3110-kangaroo.jpg” style=”border: 0px;” /></a><br /> </div> <div> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>A kangaroo was found on level 5 of Melbourne Airport’s short-term car park on Monday. </span></p> <p> </p> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>Wildlife officers shot the ‘roo, which appears to follow road directions better than some motorists, with a tranquiliser dart. […]

Some light parking relief

A couple of gallery shots of some good and not so good examples of parking we’ve been collecting to lighten the parking spirits! Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

What else can one do in a car park?

We came across a video this week featuring YouTube dance sensation Nonstop, aka Marquese Scott, and his disregard for gravity in a carpark. The video is quite amazing. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

King of the car park

Lost no more?! More than 500 years since King Richard III was killed in battle, archaeologists believe they have finally found his skeleton buried beneath a council car park. Experts said a fully intact skeleton matched much about what they knew of the medieval king, including his reputation as a “hunchback”, and are hoping that […]

Mayor turns his parking space into a park

A nice story this week that perhaps takes some inspiration from the annual Park(ING) day. The mayor of Ithaca, NY, Svante Myrick, has given up his car to join the estimated 15 percent of the city’s residents who walk to work. According to the Grist List, the mayor is entitled to a reserved parking spot […]

Cycling in London: an entirely different sort of pursuit event

You may be accustomed to reading Lionel Shriver fiction and even seeing some of her more renowned work on the big screen (We need to talk about Kevin). However, she has recently taken up her pen for The Atlantic Magazine to express her personal disappointment with London’s cyclists. She offers an interesting view point, as […]

Urbanized: A must see for all Urban Designers (real or otherwise!)

Urbanized is a feature-length documentary about the design and development of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers. According to the film’s press release, over half the world’s population now lives in an urban area, and 75% will […]

Russian newspaper uses social shaming to stop bad park

An online Russian newspaper ‘The Village’ has launched an app and a media campaign designed to try and stop illegal and inconsiderate parking. Using the app on a mobile phone, the public take photos of the parking offenders, capturing photos of the car and the number plates. Image recognition technology then reads the number plates […]

Car park commercial banned in Australia

A Suzuki Swift Sport ad has been banned in Australia by health and safety authorities, who believe it portrays irresponsible ‘hoon’ driving and linking speeding and dangerous driving with sex appeal. Officials say the ad depicts unsafe driving by showing the car sliding about in a car park, and includes footage of hard acceleration. The […]

Sydney’s Darling Harbour to be rebuilt..

The NSW government announced last week that the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour will be closed for three years while they are expanded or replaced under a $1 billion upgrade approved by NSW cabinet. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the precinct will be expanded with a view to […]

Display garages

A new type of garage is on sale from architects EcoSpace which turns the once humble and hidden away parking garage into the centrepiece of your back garden. The modular garage is designed to be a showroom for your car, with features like ambient lighting, floor-to-ceiling glazing and even modular storage systems available. Security is […]

NFC payments in parking

Near field communication (NFC) technology allows secure data to be transmitted from a device or object to exchange information or even conduct electronic transactions with a tap. The technology is already embedded in many chip credit cards, and mobile phone providers are moving to roll out handsets which are NFC enabled, allowing users to pay […]

Turning parking lots into better public spaces

The New York Times recently carried an article by Eran Ben-Joseph, a professor of urban planning at MIT and author of ‘Rethinking a Lot: The Design and Culture of Parking’. In it, Ben-Joseph shares his vision for transforming the parking lot into a space beyond simply providing parking availability and convenience. He believes that the […]

The new Italian Police Lamborghini

We received an email from an anonymous contributor this week with images from Italy of the new Italian Lamborghini Gallardo Police car. One of two new high-speed patrol cars designed to catch speeding drivers. It seems as though the car met an unfortunate end, although one of our eagle-eyed contributors did point out that the […]

Parking space squatting

An article published in the SMH recently explored what they considered a new phenomenon: parking space ‘squatting’, whereby drivers returning to their cars will sit in the vehicle to use their phones to talk, text or email. On the one hand, it’s upsetting the normal ‘order’ of things – with the driver expected to vacate […]

Music video with amazing intersection animations

Thanks to Andrew Morse, our resident Senior Traffic Engineer, we came across this fantastic music clip, called ‘Got More’, by a band called Eskmo. It’s a stunning animation totally created from footage filmed at a New York intersection. We highly recommend watching through as the animation becomes ever more Escher-like. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

Why cyclists are better customers for local businesses

A recent post on the DC Streets Blog examined the economic effects of cycling, and specifically exploring the notion that an investment in cycling infrastructure generally will limit car parking. The article quotes a few numbers, statistics and pieces of information around the economic benefits of the bicycle over the car. We’ve summarised some of the […]

Parking in Miami keeps getting groovier

A new apartment block in Miami has elevators to take residents directly to their units whilst they are sitting in their cars. The $560 million tower is a collaboration between Germany-based Porsche Design Group and a local developer, Gil Dezer. According to the Miami Herald, after the resident pulls over and switches off the engine, […]

Mercedes pushing digital innovation

We have come across two technological innovations this week from auto manufacturer Mercedes that are pushing the boundaries in parking and driving. The first sees the integration of Apple’s voice recognition technology (called ‘Siri’) into their vehicles, allowing users to access their iPhone and applications through voice commands. According to Discovery.com, the system will transfer […]

Shrinkable cars are all the rage

Following last week’s post about MIT’s ‘folding’ Hiriko City Car, scientists have unveiled a similar 2.1m ‘pod’ car that can shrink to fit into tight parking spaces. The car’s length can be reduced by 50 centimetres by the driver for those tight parking spots, and like the Hiriko, it also features wheels that can turn […]

Dynamic on-street pricing overview

We came across a video on the Parking Today site this week that explains how dynamic pricing for on-street meters works. Created by IPS Smart Meters, the company responsible for San Francisco’s SFPark project, the video features contributions from Donald Shoup, John Van Horn and many more. It’s a simple overview of how the technology […]

Parking a folding car?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a concept car that is not only small and compact, but when parked, it folds to reduce space further. The Hiriko City Car was designed by the MIT’s Changing Places research group to solve the growing congestion problems in cities. The City Car takes up approximately one-third of […]

Where’s my car?

On the topic of snow, we received this photo from our Senior Designer George Burton – it was taken in a town in the south of the Czech Republic. On February 6th it was a balmy 39.40C below zero! Click here to view the image in full size. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

France grants cyclists the right to run red lights

Following a nationwide pro-cycling campaign, the French government has issued a decree allowing cyclists in some cities to disregard red lights at certain intersections. Until now cyclists have been subject to the same rules of the road as other vehicles. According to TreeHugger, the newly relaxed road rules for cyclists are now being tested across […]

Melbourne underground car park street art preview

Here is an update on Melbourne’s underground street art project we wrote about recently, as the project has started to take shape. Around 90 artists from New York, Paris, Amsterdam and Melbourne came together to paint over 8,600 square feet of wall space over the 3 levels of Emerald House in South Melbourne. Reminds us […]

Women are better at parking than men, study suggests

Research conducted in Britian has shown that female drivers are better at manoeuvring into a parking space than men. According to the UK’s Telegraph, covert surveillance of car parks across the country has shown that while women may take longer to park, they are more likely to leave their vehicles in the middle of a […]

Beware of doctors driving SUV’s

We came across a great piece written by Kevin Warwood, from Christchurch City Council, who writes the “Parking It There” blog about his recent experience at a New Zealand Hospital: “I was walking along one of the main floors in the Helipad car park building at the very busy Auckland Hospital one Wednesday morning, when […]

Sydney underground car park mural

We came across a beautiful mural in a private Sydney residence, which brings the car park to life; it seems a shame to put cars in it! See more below and on the Craig and Karl website here.  Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook