Parking Consultant/Analyst

I joined ptc. in 2014 , after graduating from the University of Sydney and I can honestly say it has been an amazing journey.

With a background in Accounting and Finance, I provide data support for the whole team by using my analytical skills and insights of key data. I am also trained in Excel VBA and other analytical tools (i.e. Tableau) to provide additional value to the team and our clients. Playing with data minions really inspires me to keep expanding my experience with the company. Every time I dig the gold nugget out from messy data, I feel very satisfied and happy.

During my time at ptc., I have developed an understanding of providing valuable and creative solutions to our clients. I have been involved in a wide range of projects including shopping centres, councils, hospitals, commercial buildings, universities and schools. For these projects, I provided analytical and consulting services including parking surveys, parking demand & feasibility studies, parking strategies, financial & demand modelling, tender evaluations, green travel plans and data visualisations in Tableau.

“Stay foolish, stay hungry” as the Dean said in my graduation ceremony; I hope to contribute more to ptc.’s big family and create more value for all clients.

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