PCI is looking for the right Traffic Engineer

Are you looking for the opportunity of capitalising on your traffic management and transport planning experience and becoming your own boss within a supportive and experienced small team and friendly environment? Parking Consultants are looking for a qualified and experienced Traffic Engineer. Click here to find out more.  Please feel free to send to your […]

The pitfalls of the bicycle in Sydney

In a timely follow up to last week’s post ‘The benefits of the bicycle’, John Pucher, a US academic from Rutgers University in New Jersey, says that Sydney is one of the world’s most hostile cities for cycling. Prior to publishing a paper in the Journal of Transport Geography, Dr Pucher claims that Sydney motorists […]

Car park planning

Cristina Lynn, Managing Partner of PCI, recently delivered the above presentation on the benefits of good planning to the car park development process. Particularly relevant to urban planners and councils, the presentation provides an overview of car park planning processes, including optimal space calculation, design, ‘green’ parking and other initiatives for consideration in optimising the […]

Preserving historical architecture

This building is a 17th century condominium in Crema, Northern Italy – the Palazzo Compostella già Dolfin. At first glance it seems perfectly normal, but in fact it hides an underground car park by the brilliant use of hydraulic stacking technology.  The end result is a garage that stores 18 cars invisibly underground, with the […]

Is New Zealand ready for a parking levy?

Following many blogs relating to the issue of parking levies in some cities of Australia, we came across a post on the Auckland Transport Blog, discussing the Auckland CBD Rail Tunnel, and what means might be implemented to fund this massive infrastructure project. The author proposes that Auckland should consider a flat rate parking tax […]

The most dangerous profession on Earth

If you thought that going to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan was dangerous, think again. The Courier Mail reported on January 6 of yet another incident of “parking ticket” rage, when a man was charged with assault, accused of trying to run down two Brisbane City Council parking inspectors in the CBD after they gave […]

Airport “mobile phone waiting lots”

The Age recently published an article drawing attention to an innovation being introduced at US airports: the mobile phone waiting lot. Since 2004, an increasing number of US airports have incorporated a free of charge area where family and friends picking up arriving passengers can wait in the relative safety and comfort of their cars. […]

2009 Wrap Up

This is our last blog update for 2009, and as such I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you, on behalf of the whole PCI team, a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010. It’s been quite a year, I am sure you will all agree. We have seen significant consolidation in […]

Middle East Parking Conference videos

Parking World magazine have now published the first three of several video interviews captured during the Middle East Parking Conference held in Abu Dhabi last month. Declan Ryan, CEO of Database Consultants, Australia, spoke on vehicle detection technology, focusing on the quality of the information into a working practice in a city development.  Tim Haahs […]

Davis Langdon Construction Sentiment Monitor December 2009

Davis Langton have just released their December 2009 Construction Sentiment Monitor report. The 2009 reports have seen growing positive attitudes and the December issue continues this trend. The report illustrates the following key findings: · Costs return to top three problems · Planning pressures easing · Finance – greatest problem · Sentiment continues to improve You can […]

Car sharing as an example of post-capitalist cultural change

This week we came across an excerpt from an essay written by Catherine Marie Simpson on car sharing – Cars, Climates and Subjectivity: Car Sharing and Resisting Hegemonic Automobile Culture? – exploring the concept of a group of people owning one vehicle and sharing the usage collectively. We briefly touched on some of the digital […]

Parking World magazine – October issue

The October issue of Parking World magazine is now out, and focuses on Airport Parking and Technology. There are a few mentions of PCI in this month’s issue, including the announcement of Kathy Ross’ appointment to PCI, and Cristina Lynn’s article about Sydney’s traffic challenge in the future, called Traffic Congestion – Sydney’s Paradigm Paralysis.  […]

The pick of parking architecture, Vol 1: Marina City, Chicago (1962)

We have used photos of this car park in our website and other marketing material for a while now so we thought it worthwhile to give you some information and details regarding the car park and the development that it belongs to. The complex, dating back to the early 60’s, is called Marina City and […]

Dubai launches robotic car park

A commercial building near Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai opened a 765-lot computerised multi-storied car park on August 12. Motorists drive into slots inside a parking bay, much like an automatic car wash. TV screens, voice prompts and grooves in the ground guide the driver into a proper fit. After clearing a checklist, the driver […]

Parking spaces are ‘created’ by £10 tariff

The article, ‘Parking spaces are ‘created’ by £10 tariff’, proves the point – put prices up, and parking spaces are created! In this case, it’s a slightly different scenario – we have a hospital with free parking, but such a demand for parking that available spaces are almost impossible to find. By introducing a £10 tariff to […]

Get out of your car

A ‘hot topic’ in the parking industry, especially in the application of planning principles and theories to the pricing of urban parking, is the ‘make parking more expensive’ argument. Refer to our recent blog posts, San Francisco City Parking Report, and Head out of the sand please, Mosman residents! Coined ‘Out of the car thinking’, […]

Vertical car park

Car parks as a canvas for art? It’s certainly an interesting juxtaposition that’s not lost on us. Below we have a couple of images from the art installation of matchbox toy cars on the wall of a car park in Adelaide. You can read more about the wall in detail at this article, entitled ‘Discovered! The […]

What are the key things investors look for in a car park?

Sourced from Parking World’s blog, the article ‘Parking remains attractive for investors’ explores some of the key things that make a car park an attractive investment. According to the article, authored by Macquarie Group, three characteristics have a meaningful impact on the attractiveness to potential investors: • Demonstrated ability to retain locations and grow the […]

Retail shopping experiences start in the car park

We came across an article this week, written by Kevin Moore, CEO of Crossmark Australia, which talks about the experience of retail shopping. It draws upon Paco Underhill’s latest book, The Call of the Mall, which presents the concept of “retail theatre”. In the article, ‘Shopping should start in the carpark’, Moore discusses car manufacturer […]

NSW budget and implications on the parking and property industry

The NSW mini-budget was released on Monday June 15, with some interesting and relevant implications for the industry. Of course, the most notable feature of the mini-budget was a fiscal stimulus which will provide a temporary 50% cut to the stamp duty for people buying newly constructed dwellings, valued up to $600,000, until December 2009. […]

The car park of the future? Part 2.

We wish we knew where this image came from, other than as we saw it on the Cool Hunter website, on a post entitled ‘Is that really a car park?’ Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

Are car parks just there to park cars in?

When was the last time you saw a movie that did not at least have one scene in a car park? And now, car parks have become sought after venues for parties and special events ….. Saint Laurent and Givenchy would turn in their graves! With Sydney abuzz recently with the stylish designers and chic […]

Green car parks – It’s win-win

We recently published Cristina Lynn’s article which appeared in the Parking World Magazine “Green Car Parks – An Oxymoron” in which she explored the means of ‘greening’ car parks, and the benefits to the owner/operator. Donald R Morgan has published an article “Lower Your Parking Facility Operational Costs and Save the Planet” which reinforces the benefits of […]

Annual International Parking Institute Conference online magazine

The IPI Conference is currently on in Denver. This year’s theme is ‘Parking in a Changing World’. One great innovation that they are publishing this year is an online magazine throughout the conference, with real-time articles, news releases, and information as it happens from the show. You can view the online magazine here. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

Truck v Bollard

A retractable bollard, one metre high, 35cm across. It’s makers claim it is strong enough to stop a truck at full steam. See for yourself what happens. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook


Simple. You pay for parking with your mobile phone by sending a text message to the code that the parking machine tells you. You get billed to your phone bill. This is a world-first in offering pay-by-phone parking services that don’t require pre-registration. The kiwis seem to be on to something. Auckland City Council announced […]

Street view fun

  Google Street View has been launched in several countries around the world. You’ve probably heard about the town in the UK where residents are making news at the moment by protesting and blocking access to the town by the Street View car. Well, it’s not all sinister. Seen on the web this week are […]

Are you maximising your car park earnings?

In view of the current economic climate we know you will be looking for even more ways to generate maximum revenue from your existing assets. Your car parks are no different! An easy way to check the financial and operational health of your car park is to undertake an independent performance review. By way of […]

A park in a car

  Spotted in Holland: an interesting twist on the green trend. A park in a car. This reminds us of the recent article we posted on Park(ING) Day in San Francisco. Both ideas embrace ‘reclaiming the streets and public spaces’ from cars for the people. We think that this is just the tip of the iceberg […]