Psychology applied to traffic engineering

Although traffic engineering is in the realm of the exact sciences, understanding human behaviour and applying psychological principles can be useful to increase safety and compliant behaviour by road users. This is illustrated by an experiment conducted in the US, which was designed to increase the number of drivers stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks. According […]

Moscow Metro new wayfinding signage in time for the 2018 World Cup

Amongst the many investments and changes made to welcome tourists at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Moscow Metro wayfinding signage needed some attention. Moscow Metro infrastructure was first built in 1935 with many expansions, resulting in a variety of different signs implemented over the years. There were no signage guidelines, no standard typefaces or pictograms. […]

Road signs and the way we process information

  Road signs should convey the maximum amount of information with the minimum amount of content, as it is not possible for drivers to stop their vehicle and carefully read the instructions presented. Therefore, images, typeface, colours and shapes of road signage are designed, or at least should be, in a way that their meaning […]

Exploring internal and external wayfinding communication

Although the civil design and architecture foundations of a site dictate how people move around at a structural level, the wayfinding system is the communication layer guiding the navigation into and through the built environment. The wayfinding system provides numerous clues for users so that they can easily find what they are looking for. At […]

Traffic Flow and Technology

If you think your next road trip is in your own hands, think again.   Behind the scenes of traffic flow there may be a number of technologies controlling your journey.  From road, to air to even the waterways, your path from A to B may be subject to change in real time.  Today we look […]

Innovative traffic lights in Vienna

Love it or hate it??  A recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald highlights a new initiative in the Austrian capital, using traffic lights as a tool to promote harmony and road safety to the public.    Vienna is proudly promoting diversity, equality and tolerance through the launch of its new same-sex traffic lights.   They are […]

Decluttering Confusing Signage

The City of Sydney has been presented with a motion to simplify parking and traffic signage across the city.  As reported in The Daily Telegraph, Cr Jenny Green presented the motion asking the Council’s CEO to investigate what other cities and local councils are doing to simplify signage. Mosman Council is undergoing a plan to […]

Wayfinder signs encourage sustainable mobility

Wayfinder signs encourage sustainable mobility

In several towns and cities in the UK, wayfinder signs aimed at making it easier for pedestrians to navigate and explore are being installed.  The new look signage encourages sustainable mobility by helping residents and tourists to navigate their way around town centres and to local landmarks on foot. The Wayfinder system consists of six-foot […]

Low cost Dynamic Signage?

No budget for the latest in Dynamic Signage technology to help your customers navigate quickly to that elusive parking spot? Here’s a rather basic version spotted in the US which comes complete with an attendant who updates the sign as required. And another less than dynamic example from Cleveland Airport which apparently won’t require much […]

Dedicated lane for phone addicts

In a rather disturbing story from SBS, there are reports that the city of Chongqing in China has introduced reserved lanes for mobile phone addicts.  What???  The only pleasing thing about this news is that it wasn’t a dedicated lane in traffic! Encouraging the widespread practice of having one’s nose stuck to the device, the […]

Contenders for confusing sign awards

We love this post by 3AW Radio in Melbourne featuring yet another confusing bit of signage found by one of their listeners.  Working in the parking industry, initial thoughts were that we could probably figure this out – but no, we have to agree, it’s mighty unclear. Apparently, it means that Standing is allowed for […]

Parking technology – the alternative option?

We often comment on Wayfinding Forum about the development of technology in our industry and how it is apparently streamlining the way we live. The previous article is a case in point. Subscribers may also recall articles we have written on fully automated parking garages, folding cars, underground bike parking and car park guidance systems […]

Synchronization gets the green light in LA

Los Angeles has long been a symbol of America’s traffic congestion with its polluted stretches of multi-lane freeways turning into car parks during rush hour, aggravating its users. However, if city planners are correct, this is about to change — with LA turning from eternal gridlock into a best practice model for traffic control. This […]

Tackling abuse of disabled parking spaces

Around the world, parking enforcement agencies battle with illegal use of disabled parking spaces by unauthorised drivers. On the Gold Coast, along with increasing fines, the city council hopes to ratify a proposal for photo IDs to be displayed with disabled parking permits. According to the Gold Coast News website, Councillor Bob La Castra admitted […]

Plans to ease weekend congestion in Sydney

Earlier this week the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the State Government’s imminent plans to extend clearways on Sydney’s most congested roads to include weekends. The report tells us that there are up to 200,000 more cars on Sydney’s roads on Saturday mornings when compared with weekday mornings, and less people are using public transport. This […]

National Cycling Strategy to make roads safer for cyclists

A report released late last year by Austroads entitled Cycling on Higher Speed Roads will dovetail into the agency’s National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016. Leon Patterson, National Director Infrastructure Management for the IPWEA says the report provides options for public works professionals to consider when seeking ways to accommodate bicycles on Australian roads. The latest report is only […]

Car park design – an interesting beast

  In any development, there is a fine line between the interests of the engineer, the developer, the investor and the end user. Ultimately all are after a solution which works, but it can be the age-old battle between cost and benefit which dictates terms. In a previous post entitled Why Simple Design is Often […]

City workers paint handicapped spot around car, then tow it

The UK’s Daily Mail has reported on a truly remarkable story described by the irate victim as “bullying and contempt never seen before.” When Hila Ben Baruch, from Tel Aviv, Israel parked her vehicle outside her home with a parking permit, she had done so legally. By the time Ms Ben Baruch had returned, a […]

New Technology to Improve Perth Convention Centre Parking

It has been reported by “The West Australian” this week, that the City of Perth has unanimously approved in-principle funding for an innovative Car Park Guidance System (CPGS) at the Perth Convention Centre. A tender for the CPGS was tabled at a meeting of Perth’s Parking Committee in October 2012, which proposes to alleviate the […]

NYC upgrades parking signs

The New York City Transportation Department announced last week the replacement of more than 6,000 parking signs with an easier-to-follow design. According to the NYTimes, key changes include “more breathing room” (white space), eliminating a colour (blue), and reducing the number of characters needed to explain the rules to a Twitter-friendly 140 (from 250). The […]

Parking and Traffic Consultants – 2012 year in review

2012 has been another eventful year for PTC. Many new clients joined the prestigious names in our portfolio, including Perth Airport, Health Infrastructure, Adelaide University and Leichhardt Council. Many other previous clients engaged us to do new work. Just to give you an idea, during the year we worked for these airports: Adelaide, Gold Coast, […]

A year of ‘Parking and Traffic’ blogs in review

Feel like the year has passed you by too? If you’ve been too busy to stay on top of the parking and traffic industry news every week – never fear! Here is our annual round-up of the highs and lows, and headline-making stories from 2012. Parking and policy in Australia This year saw Parking & […]

How to solve traffic jams

Following on from the previous post, here is another great TED talk which explores one of the key challenges of our industry and our cities: traffic congestion. In this talk, Jonas Eliasson reveals how subtly nudging just a small percentage of drivers to stay off major roads can make traffic jams a thing of the […]

Sydney’s bike lane network set to be completed

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s push to take control of Sydney’s CBD transport may see the completion of the network of bike lanes. The committee set up by the government to take control of the city’s transport planning has endorsed the completion of the bike lane network by May next year. The committee gave new impetus […]

Intersections in Hanoi, Vietnam

Thanks to one of our consultants, Sunny Huang, a great video of the traffic in an intersection in Hanoi, Vietnam. With 6.5 million people and around 5 million scooters and motorbikes (plus plenty of bicycles, cars, and cows), crossing an intersection is clearly not something that urban planners have tackled yet.   Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

13th Australian Parking Convention is a resounding success

Following in the steps of the November 2010 Convention, the Parking Association of Australia held its 13th event at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre earlier this week. The event was characterised by a high level of local and international speakers that had the delegates particularly riveted to their seats. The exhibiton, in Hall 6 […]

Avoiding holiday parking stress

<div><a href=””><img alt=”” src=”” style=”border: 0px;” /></a><br /> </div> <div> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>Whilst it&rsquo;s still very early in the &lsquo;holiday season&rsquo;, that doesn&rsquo;t stop some department stores displaying Christmas decorations and nor is it too early for the International Parking Institute to publish a list of tips to help avoid parking stress during […]

Smart paint lights your way on the highway

<div><a href=””><img alt=”” src=”” style=”border: 0px;” /></a><br /> </div> <div> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>The Netherlands is introducing a form of &lsquo;smart highway&rsquo;, featuring glow-in-the-dark tarmac and dynamic paint that warns drivers of weather conditions. </span></p> <p> </p> <p><span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: calibri;”>The roads will include&nbsp;interactive lighting and an induction priority lane for electric vehicles, […]

Westminster City installs bay sensors

Westminster Council has now installed the in-ground sensors we recently reported on, as well as launching a parking app to help drivers see if an on-street parking space is available on an individual road. The free app (available here on the app store, and with screengrabs below) is able to display real-time availability for spaces […]

The case for eliminating disabled parking permits

As we’ve reported before, the abuse of disabled parking permits is widespread across the US (and not just there!). Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia are all reporting problems, with the situation particularly bad in Los Angeles, where a 2010 investigation found disabled passes in 80 per cent of parked cars in a […]