Parking – present and future

Special Report: Managing the impact of covid-19 on your car park performance Our team has been proactively thinking about how landlords can deal with impacts on car park performance as a result of recent lockdowns. Since mid-March, we have been keeping track of changes taking place in Australia and abroad, collecting relevant information and undertaking […]

The issues with electric vehicles charging at car parks

Rising disputes for electric vehicle bays Fortune Magazine has stated that disputes for an electric vehicle (EV) parking bay is the next ‘the next frontier of road rage’. As the number of EVs on the roads increase in the US, new issues surrounding EV charging are becoming more common. One problem revolves around the dispute […]

Repurposing and future-proofing car parks

One of the hot topics over recent times is the future-proofing of car parks. The idea that future demand for parking is going to decrease in the face of technology advancements is leading the property sector to consider what to do with all the parking built in the past and how to prepare new developments […]

Nepean Hospital new multi-storey car park

The Nepean Hospital in the Blue Mountains is undergoing a $1 billion redevelopment divided in two stages. As part of Stage 1, a multi-storey car park was built and a 14-storey clinical tower is currently under construction. Stage 2 is at the planning phase. ptc. has been engaged by NSW Health Infrastructure (HI) and other […]

Mosman Council’s parking innovation journey

Mosman Council recently prepared a case study detailing its parking innovation journey. Since 2012, ptc. has been assisting the Council on various assignments including the development of their parking strategy, community engagement processes and advice on parking technology solutions. We are proud to see the development of parking in Mosman and happy to share their […]

The hospital parking paradigm

As part of their election campaign, the Conservative Party in the UK is proposing to provide free hospital parking for a range of people including disabled drivers and passengers, frequent outpatients, gravely ill patients, visitors to relatives in hospital for extended periods and staff on night shifts who cannot use public transport. According to The […]

Car Park Costs – how much did you say??

Car park construction costs in Australia

Occasionally, people inquire as to the costs involved in building a car park.  This is not an easy question to answer as there are many variables to consider — Is it at-grade or multi-storey, CBD or regional, number of bays, which state and city?….I rest my case! Fortunately, there are excellent resources available for a […]

MLC School, Burwood – redesigning the pick-up and drop-off scheme

School Car Park - Design of Drop-off and Pick-Up-Scheme

Background MLC School is a Uniting Church independent girls’ school. Founded in 1886, the school has been a pioneer in girls’ education by valuing academic and co-curricular activities equally and has a tradition of academic excellence. Located approximately 12 kilometres west of Sydney CBD in Burwood, MLC serves 1,200 students from pre-kindergarten to Year 12…....

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The parking ‘Robocop’ is here

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, we will see new technologies being applied in the parking and traffic world. Earlier this year, we posted about Stan, the valet robot being trialled at Gatwick Airport in London. Now, Changi Airport in Singapore is on the news with the trial of a patrol robot. Changi’s “Robocop” has […]

Car sharing in residential developments

The availability of car sharing services in or near residential developments provides an alternative for residents who are willing to forego the cost of paying for a parking space if they do not own a car. A change in car ownership creates the opportunity for developers to reduce the car park space per unit ratio […]

The focus needs to be on the parking garage

“I would like to first focus on the parking garage”: this is our favourite line uttered by Rebel Wilson in “Isn’t it Romantic”, in which she explains her idea for a hotel project. As expected, everyone in the meeting looks surprised by her choice; after all, car parks are often treated as “out of sight […]

Casuarina Square case study – Retail car park optimisation

Located at 14km north of Darwin city centre, Casuarina Square is the largest shopping centre in the Northern Territory. The GPT Group (GPT) have owned and managed the centre since it was built in 1973. Four major redevelopments have been undertaken since that time. Home to over 200 stores, Casuarina Square is the number one…...

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Airport Commercial Development & Management Course

Cristina Lynn, ptc.‘s managing partner, is one of the speakers at the Airport Commercial Development & Management Course organised by CPI. The course aims to provide attendees with the capability of optimising the airport’s commercial performance. Cristina’s presentation will focus on the role of ground transport at airports, covering aspects such as revenue generation, customer […]

Can commuter car parks reduce congestion?

  An interesting article published on The Conversation discusses the government’s Commuter Car Park Fund, a $500 million, ten-year package to facilitate commuters from suburbs and regions to drive to the nearest railway station with the objective of removing cars from the roads.  The key question asked by the authors with regard to this package […]

Australian shoppers want more parking

When it comes to consumer preferences regarding bricks and mortar retail, Australian shoppers are interested in being offered more parking spaces than more dining options. This is one of the findings of the study conducted by UBS with 14,175 consumers in 14 countries to understand consumer behaviour in regards to physical retail, as reported by […]

Bricks and mortar retail still plays an important role for consumers

The challenges faced by bricks and mortar retail in the face of online sales growth and the opportunities available to retail property owner in the near future were discussed during the Property Council NSW Retail Outlook 2019. One of the key messages from the event is that there is still space for physical retail in […]

No more minimum parking requirements in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, the second most populous Brazilian city, recently approved new building codes that will eliminate the minimum parking requirements, which were established in 1967 and mandated one car park space per housing unit. They will be replaced with a parking maximum of one space per four housing units. It is now mandatory to […]

The future of valet parking

Automated parking garages have been in the market for a while and are promoted as an efficient way to maximise space and service for customers. Technology advances have now allowed the industry to go further and develop a valet parking robot. The robot, codenamed Stan, is going to be tested at Gatwick Airport in London […]

It’s not easy to enjoy the world’s whitest sand

With only 400 parking spaces and around 4,000 vehicles per day during peak season, there is little hope of finding parking at Hyams Beach, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. The desire of thousands of day-trippers to get a spot at the acclaimed “world’s whitest sand” results in traffic jams, illegal parking and stressed […]

Leisure Venues and the Parking Experience

Large diversified leisure venues, including casinos and clubs, aim to deliver a complete hospitality experience. A lot of work and investment goes into delivering the right experience for customers, but if you consider most hospitality venues, the experience starts at the front door, with little thought given to the “parking experience”. There are some notable…...

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Car Park in London becomes a cultural centre

A multi-storey car park in London has been repurposed into an art centre.   Levels 7 and 8 of the Peckham Car Park now accommodate Bold Tendencies, a not-for-profit organisation promoting a mix of contemporary art, orchestral music, opera and architectural projects. The site is open to the general public and has a stylish café on […]

Parking surplus in Melbourne

It is said that the best car park is the one you don’t have to build. With that in mind, one key question to be asked when planning a new development should be: what is the forecasted parking demand and the existing supply in the vicinity of the site? Parking spaces have a significant impact […]

Creating great Australian cities

In this article, we discuss the recently published study, Creating Great Australian Cities[i] , commissioned by The Property Council of Australia.   Australian cities benchmark   When comparing major Australian cities to the world’s top 100, what would you say Australia’s overall average position is? If you guessed that on average Australia would figure amongst…...

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“A Smarter City” is a winning presentation (and a great initiative by Wollongong Council)

We are pleased to announce that “A Smarter City – Wollongong City Integrated Parking Guidance System” was awarded the best presentation within the Traffic Engineering and Road Management stream at the 2018 AITPM Conference. We congratulate Andrew Morse, partner and Senior Traffic Engineer, who presented the case study at the conference and Grant Mclean, Senior…...

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News from Berlin

Article by Cristina Lynn   I have just returned from the 11th World Parking Symposium held in Berlin in late June. Two days of presentations were capped off by a tour of various facilities in Berlin including a city car park, the car park serving the main Berlin train station and a technology park where…...

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Would you like data with that?

  Introduction   “Data” has become one of those words that has acquired a range of new flavours, notwithstanding it has existed for decades (late 1940s in fact). Type the word into Google and you get 1.74 billion results!! Does anybody remember “data processing”? That thing that computers did whereby you inserted a series of…...

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NSW Health Infrastructure engages ptc. on a state-wide agreement

  ptc. was recently awarded by NSW Health Infrastructure (HI) with a traffic and parking consultancy contract as part of  HI’s Sustainable Hospital Car Park Investment Program (SHCPIP): a state-wide model for procuring, funding and management of new hospital car parks. Over the last six years, we have provided services to numerous NSW hospitals (see […]

Presentation; Is the mall dead?

The title of Cristina Lynn’s presentation at the 2018 World Parking Symposium (WPS) was “Is the mall dead?” and addressed the issues and challenges that bricks and mortar retail centres are facing in the light of the push from online retailers and how the two can continue to thrive side by side as two parts…...

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A Smarter Town Centre

Andrew Morse, Partner and Senior Traffic Engineer, will be presenting the case study “A Smarter Town Centre – Wollongong City Integrated Parking Guidance System” at the 2018 AITPM National Conference in Perth. Our team, led by Grant McLean, Senior Consultant, designed an integrated Parking Guidance System (PGS) combining 10 car parks within the CBD with […]

An urban farm in a basement car park

Last week our team visited the car park under the EY building (200 George St, Sydney) but this wasn’t a regular site inspection to observe traffic flow issues or to verify the car park occupancy rates. We were there to learn about Cultivate, a pop-up urban farm initiative by Mirvac and Farmwall. In the face […]