ptc. works with HI to achieve the new Forensic Medicine and Coroners Court Complex

NSW Health Infrastructure completed the new Forensic Medicine and Coroners Complex in early December. The $91.5 million development, located at Lidcombe, replaces the facility at Glebe, where the coronial and forensic medicine services have been provided for more than 40 years. The new complex delivers additional court rooms for the NSW Coroners Court and expanded […]

5 year old cyclists leading the way in Odense, Denmark

Whilst in Australia parents are reluctant to let their children walk or cycle to school, things are certainly on the move in Denmark.  School children in Odense are more likely to show up on a bike at school than be dropped off in a car, as posted in Contrary to statistics in Australia where […]

Delhi Government tries to combat 1,400 new cars onto its roads

The Local Government has tried to take a proactive approach to reduce toxic air in Delhi by announcing an emergency car rationing plan. In an experiment that was to only last 15 days, cars with odd-numbered plates could drive in Delhi roads on odd-numbered days and even-numbered cars on even days, as reported in the […]

The woman behind 640km of bike lanes in NYC

Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC’s recent transportation commissioner, was instrumental in the introduction of over 640 km of bike lanes to the NYC cityscape.  She was the driving force behind the impressive makeover of NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) from 2007 to 2013 with bikes, cycle paths and a new way of mobility top of mind.  As […]

Will infrastructure planning be compromised?

Australian planners may face working without the benchmark information and guidance supplied by the Australian Census.  On 18th February the Australian Federal Government announced that it was considering abandoning the Australian Census in favour of smaller sample surveys.  The Australian Census has been held every five years since 1911 with the last census being held […]

School Traffic: Looking at reduction options

In the last of our school traffic series, we are taking a look at some of the school traffic congestion alternatives being put forward locally and overseas.   The alternatives relate not only to traffic congestion but also how school communities can encourage more active alternatives for children travelling to and from school. In Mosman, Councillor […]

Wayfinder signs encourage sustainable mobility

Wayfinder signs encourage sustainable mobility

In several towns and cities in the UK, wayfinder signs aimed at making it easier for pedestrians to navigate and explore are being installed.  The new look signage encourages sustainable mobility by helping residents and tourists to navigate their way around town centres and to local landmarks on foot. The Wayfinder system consists of six-foot […]

Australian Road Safety

2013-2014 Road Toll by State/Territory Image: During the twelve months ending December 2014 there were 1,153 road fatalities in Australia.  Overall this is a 2.9% reduction on the 2013 road toll.  However, state by state analysis is showing concerning increases in Victoria (2.5%), South Australia (9.2%), Western Australia (11.7%) and the Northern Territory (5.4%).  […]

Paris plans car free city centre

Photo credit:  Christopher Thomond for The Guardian The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo has announced plans to reduce traffic and pollution by converting the city centre to a primarily pedestrian and bicycle zone, in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.  Hidalgo wants to tackle the level of pollution in Paris with a view to […]

Madrid tackles pollution problems with Smart Meters

The City of Madrid is enlisting Smart Parking Meters to help address the city’s dangerous pollution levels, which are consistently exceeding EU limits. According to The Guardian, the scheme which commences on July 1 will penalize drivers of cars that are responsible for more emissions.  In a rating system based on the vehicle engine and […]

Paris smog triggers emergency traffic ban

In a dramatic attempt to alleviate the choking smog that enveloped Paris last week, the Federal Government imposed an emergency ban on half of the expected traffic by implementing an odd-even license plate system for alternate days, commencing on March 17th.  That day, 700 police manned the city issuing spot fines to any cars or […]

UK play streets making a comeback

Parts of Britain are reinvigorating their neighbourhoods by bringing back “play streets”.  As reported in the UK Telegraph, dozens of streets are being closed off to traffic for three hours a week so that children can play safely in them after school. Play streets are not a new concept – they were first introduced in […]

Bogotá leads the way with a car-free week

This story from Treehugger is a great follow up to our recent post featuring former Mayor, Enrique Peñalosa and his inspiring TED Talk on creating cities of the future.  Peñalosa was responsible for Bogotá’s first car-free day back in 2000, which was subsequently approved as an annual event.  Last week marked a new first in […]

Pedal power cleverly promoted

We came across this great infographic recently, which we have already shared via our newsletter.  Created in the US, this visually appealing work entitled “Pedal Power” gives some interesting statistics on the growth of cycling, as well as some of the many benefits to our health, our economy, and of course, our planet…Enjoy!  Source: Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

Traffic fumes identified as cancer risk factor

Every week cities around the world bemoan their traffic problems and look for ways to solve them.  Reports abound on the knock-on effects that traffic chaos has on our stress levels and the health and wealth of our economies.  The typical debate surrounding investment in public transport vs new roads tends to focus largely on […]

Nurses protest over parking charges

In the UK, nurses and health workers protested over a proposed increase in car parking charges to £40 a month for staff and patients’ relatives. Over five hundred nurses and staff have signed a petition opposing the imposition of the increased parking charges. According to The Guardian, those against the plan claim that staff will […]

Hospital parking charges to stay

In South Australia, a bid to overturn a government decision to charge staff for car parking at some Adelaide metropolitan hospitals has been dismissed by the full bench of the Industrial Relations Court. The Public Service Association made the application, arguing the parking fees were a breach of enterprise agreements for staff at the public […]