Cars being rude to pedestrians in New York City

New York City at the moment is undergoing an urban planning evolution project, called ‘livable streets’. However, just because there’s an evolution underway doesn’t mean that drivers have gotten the message. Cars blocking crosswalks, drivers failing to yield to pedestrians, unnecessary honking and a slew of other quality-of-walking violations are still a routine occurrence on […]

The people vs the parking police – part two

In Logan City (USA) a recent council decision to replace the on-street parking strips with park-strips (small strips of park and greenery to improve aesthetics) has resulted in… a lawsuit. Residents of the area argue that the City initiated the park-strip project too quickly, and feel that the actions are outside their authority, invoking the […]

Oxford “Scramble” Circus

Courtesy of TreeHugger, we found this interesting article on the redesign of the pedestrian crossing at Oxford Circus in London, one of the busiest street crossings in the city. Modeled on the Japanese ‘scramble crossing’ design, as used in Shibuya station in central Toyko, the new design allows pedestrians thirty seconds to cross the intersection […]

Toyota designs a font using a car

This is a great idea for our more arty followers out there. Toyota has teamed up with two typographers and a race car driver to develop a font using only a car! The font is called IQ – the pictures tell a great story, but if you really want to be blown away, view the […]

Parking World magazine – October issue

The October issue of Parking World magazine is now out, and focuses on Airport Parking and Technology. There are a few mentions of PCI in this month’s issue, including the announcement of Kathy Ross’ appointment to PCI, and Cristina Lynn’s article about Sydney’s traffic challenge in the future, called Traffic Congestion – Sydney’s Paradigm Paralysis.  […]

Sydney’s traffic solutions?

With Sydney’s population forecast to reach 10 million by 2050, drastic measures with regard to urban and transportation planning are likely to be required for the city to be able to cope with the demands placed on its services and infrastructure. The Sydney Morning Herald has been championing this cause of late, setting up independent […]

Traffic Congestion – Sydney’s Paradigm Paralysis

On returning from my overseas trip in July of this year I came across an article published in the (sydney) magazine entitled “I have a dream” which explored four different experts’ points of view regarding the state of our city: where did we go wrong and where do we go from here? This was quite […]

House of Cars

A brilliant exhibition is to be housed at the National Building Museum in Washington DC: House of Cars: Innovation and the Parking Garage. The exhibition will be open between October 17, 2009 and July 11, 2010. Taken from the National Building Museum website: “Cars. We imagine them always in motion, but they spend most of […]

2009 Australasian Airports Landside Transport Conference – Townsville QLD

From the desk of Cristina Lynn, Managing Partner of PCI: I have just returned from a very informative and pleasant couple of days in Townsville (isn’t this a tautology?) where I attended the third AALTC held at the Mercure Inn. The event was hosted by Madonna Simmons and her team at Townsville Airport and facilitated […]

It’s not an episode of play school

Whilst the above pictures could be mistaken as the new set for Play School, they represent a great example of the ‘new style’ of bright and friendly car park interior design, minus those dark, dangerous corners where one does not feel safe. The car park of the new terminal at Luxemburg Airport is an excellent […]

The pick of parking architecture, Vol 1: Marina City, Chicago (1962)

We have used photos of this car park in our website and other marketing material for a while now so we thought it worthwhile to give you some information and details regarding the car park and the development that it belongs to. The complex, dating back to the early 60’s, is called Marina City and […]

Dubai launches robotic car park

A commercial building near Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai opened a 765-lot computerised multi-storied car park on August 12. Motorists drive into slots inside a parking bay, much like an automatic car wash. TV screens, voice prompts and grooves in the ground guide the driver into a proper fit. After clearing a checklist, the driver […]

Around and around they go

Can reduced parking availability actually increase emissions as people drive around and around looking for that elusive parking space? Cristina Lynn was asked to comment this week on the Green Building Council of Australia’s statement that reducing the number of car parking spaces will be one means by which buildings can earn a ‘green’ rating […]

Car park ads three times less effective than shopping centre ads?

A report published by the Survey Sampling Institute research firm, on behalf of outdoor advertising company Eye, called Mall ads more effective, has found that ads placed in shopping centres were considerably more effective than those placed in car parks. They found the shopping centre ads to be three times more memorable, four times more […]

Finding your car made easy by colour

This art project, ‘Color Coordinated Parking’ conducted at California’s Southwestern College in 1994, sorted over 3,000 cars into parking lots determined by the colour of the vehicle. It’s a brilliant conceptual idea as well as a potentially useful marketing tool… but would it help you find where you parked your white Toyota Corolla in a […]

Retail shopping experiences start in the car park

We came across an article this week, written by Kevin Moore, CEO of Crossmark Australia, which talks about the experience of retail shopping. It draws upon Paco Underhill’s latest book, The Call of the Mall, which presents the concept of “retail theatre”. In the article, ‘Shopping should start in the carpark’, Moore discusses car manufacturer […]

Six steps to add value to your car park

We have recently published a presentation called ‘Six steps to add value to your car park’ on the presentation sharing site SlideShare. We are happy to provide this information to our clients and other interested parties as part of our contribution to the development of the parking industry. You can view the presentation online here: […]

Truck v Bollard

A retractable bollard, one metre high, 35cm across. It’s makers claim it is strong enough to stop a truck at full steam. See for yourself what happens. Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

The car park of the future? Part 1.

Aptera Motors are a designer and manufacturer of efficient commuter vehicles – based on principles of aerodynamics and lightweight material innovation. They recently committed to producing 100,000 of their three-wheeled electric cars on the road over the next 5 years. One of their design team took a little bit of initiative to see what it […]


Simple. You pay for parking with your mobile phone by sending a text message to the code that the parking machine tells you. You get billed to your phone bill. This is a world-first in offering pay-by-phone parking services that don’t require pre-registration. The kiwis seem to be on to something. Auckland City Council announced […]

Could your car park benefit from a face lift?

  Property owners and managers are always looking for opportunities to increase the value of – and earnings from – their existing portfolios. As a result of the current economic climate we are noticing a larger number of refurbishment projects being undertaken. Faced with increasing population and growth in vehicle usage, many retail centres with […]

Green Car Parks – An Oxymoron?

On the subject of improving the bottom line of your car parking assets, you may be interested to read the article published in two parts by Parking World Magazine (September and November 2008) written by Cristina Lynn. In the article she outlines several initiatives that can be undertaken to improve the environmental footprint of your […]

Darwin International Airport case study

  Darwin International Airport (DIA) requested PCI’s assistance with regards to the development of a parking strategy for the airport (passenger terminal, commercial and general aviation) over the next 20 – 25 years. This entailed identification of issues relating to the parking “offer”, both quantitative (size, product mix, pricing, location) and qualitative (look and feel). […]

Driven mad but…

  One of the services we provide at PCI is advice regarding wayfinding and signage in car parks. Our approach when addressing this issue is to put ourselves in the client’s “seat” when looking for an available parking space and – often most importantly – when looking for their vehicle at the end of their […]

A park in a car

  Spotted in Holland: an interesting twist on the green trend. A park in a car. This reminds us of the recent article we posted on Park(ING) Day in San Francisco. Both ideas embrace ‘reclaiming the streets and public spaces’ from cars for the people. We think that this is just the tip of the iceberg […]