Parking a folding car?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a concept car that is not only small and compact, but when parked, it folds to reduce space further. The Hiriko City Car was designed by the MIT’s Changing Places research group to solve the growing congestion problems in cities. The City Car takes up approximately one-third of […]

Parking at Australian universities

Students at James Cook University in Cairns this week have staged a protest against the university’s parking situation, insisting the university needs to boost the number of spaces and make them free of charge. According to, about half of the campus’ 979 parking spaces have been restricted to permit holders this year, meaning students […]

US transit lanes changing to paid permit lanes

In and around Atlanta, a new scheme putting a price on convenience is being introduced as a way to manage traffic congestion. According to the New York Times, transit lanes are now able to be accessed by solitary motorists, on a user-pays model. In addition to the usual occupants (car pools of three or more, […]

San Fran parking plan undergoing reappraisal

After a strong pushback from the residents and business owners in neighbourhoods planned for parking meter expansion, San Francisco transportation officials have said that they will gather more data and work more closely with each neighbourhood to refine the parking management proposals. According to, the plan to add about 5,000 new meters across a […]

South Australia’s hospital parking charges impact health budget

South Australia’s Health Minister, John Hill, has said that the state’s heath budget could overrun by $99 million for the financial year. According to ABC News, he blames the overspend on unforseen demand for health care, and a shortfall of $11 million in hospital parking revenue, with the protracted legal dispute over hospital parking fees […]

California gets more transport sharing options

The residents of two major cities in California have recently seen the introduction of car sharing and bicycle hire operations, thus increasing their choice of transport. In Los Angeles, the US’s largest car sharing network, Zipcar, has recently opened for business, placing over 125 vehicles throughout the city. The ‘car capital’ of the US is […]

How are electric vehicle sales performing?

Figures released this week from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries said that only 49 electric cars were sold in Australia last year, in a market that topped 1 million total vehicles for the first time. According to the SMH, the number of electric vehicles sold declined by 9.9 per cent on 2010. Whilst politicians […]

What is ‘fair’ in the provision of parking?

Two weeks ago, the Boston Globe wrote an article about San Francisco’s SFPark, a pilot program of applying variable parking prices and putting Don Shoup’s market-based parking theories to trial. Whilst the article presents a good view of the program in general, the waters get very muddy when it introduces the concept of what it […]

Car parking rates across Australia

A while ago, we posted about the ‘Cheap Parking’ application for iPhones – it will tell you the prices charged at all of the car parks around you at any given time of day, with the aim of helping you find the cheapest parking for your needs. The company behind the app has recently published […]

How does mass transit entice users en mass?

We love examples of thinking that’s different and brings a new perspective to planning and transportation. We came across an article on this week that discussed British consultant Charles Leadbeater’s matrix for re-thinking city design and management. Based on the psychologist Simon Baron-Choen’s work with Asperger’s patients, Leadbeater divided city transportation and management on […]

SF’s variable parking not having the intended effect?

According to an article published on the Greater Greater Washington site, the variable pricing component of the SFPark program in San Francisco is not having the intended effect. Even with higher rates, the more popular blocks still fill up, and other blocks remain under-filled, even at low prices. The City has just implemented another meter […]

Westminster ends free parking – others should do the same!

In the UK, Westminster City Council has announced that free parking is to be abolished in the district, preventing around 1,200 cars from parking without charge. According to the Fitzrovia News site, the move has been welcomed by residents who complain about cars blocking streets and circulating looking for free parking spaces. But it has […]

Melbourne Airport opens new ‘Ring & Ride’ area

Melbourne Airport has introduced a new ‘Ring and Ride’ waiting area in its long term car park, where drivers can wait for arriving passengers to phone to say that they are ready to be picked up from the airport’s terminal. According to the Australian Business Traveller, Airport CEO Chris Woodruff explained that the Ring & […]

Paid parking pays off for Joondalup

Meanwhile, the City of Joondalup (north of Perth) announced last week that the introduction of paid parking in their city centre has resulted in an increase in the number of visitors to the area. According to InMyCommunity, the scheme has met targets with regards to freeing up bays for short-term visitors, shifting them from commuters […]

Dutch bicycle congestion

The Dutch are facing the consequences of their own cycling success, including congestion, lack of parking and infrastructure. In a country where bicycles outnumber people by 1.2 million, the Dutch have simply run out of space to accommodate the 5 million cyclists who take to the road every day.  In Amsterdam alone, 490,000 cyclists travel […]

Technology breakthrough counters abuse of disabled parking

A New Zealand company has developed technology that will monitor and manage disabled parking, with the aim of putting to an end the misuse of disability parking permits. Instead of carrying a printed permit, disabled drivers would have an electronic tag in their car that can be read by sensors placed in the parking bays. […]

Time expired

An oldie but a goodie. This lady always used to say that when she died, she wanted a parking meter on her grave that said ‘expired’. So her family got her one! Share this:LinkedinTwitterFacebook

Darwin council increases parking fine revenue

Darwin City Council increased its revenue from fees and fines by around $500,000 year on year, according to the site. This included an increase in fines from $917,000 to $1,193,000, and an increase in fees from $3,597,000 to $4,042,000 from the previous year. The Lord Mayor Graeme Sawyer said that this could be attributed […]

Sydney traffic getting slower

Sydney’s traffic has got worse on six of the seven major roads in the past year, according to the finds of the recently released NSW Auditor-General’s report into transport and ports. The report comes as the NSW Government announced that a transport masterplan deadline has been set for November 2012. Of the seven arterial routes […]

Counting parking spots from above

We came across a really interesting study by two students at the University of Connecticut, who have analysed aerial photographs of a number of cities, figuring out the location of at-grade car parks and counting all the spaces. It’s interesting for two reasons. Firstly, they found that in some of the cities they analysed (New […]

Do bicycles improve urban economies?

We came across an interesting piece this week which attempted to analyse the economic impact (and benefit) of using bicycles over cars, given the increasing uptake and supporting infrastructure being implemented in cities in Australia and around the world. In theory, it’s a good idea – bicycle-related infrastructure is relatively cheap to install compared to […]

Are Consultants useless and a waste of money?

An article recently contributed to Parking Today by Andrew Hill caught our eye. The article was called ‘Consultants are… “Useless,” “A Waste of Money”’, and in it, Andrew asks about one of the greatest challenges that consultants face: responding to accusations of over-charging for services or under-delivering on common sense solutions. He goes on to […]

Meanwhile on the Gold Coast

At the risk of sounding like all we do at Parking & Traffic Consultants is attend conferences, Kelvin Worthington will be presenting a paper at next week’s Campus Parking Workshop organised by the Parking Association of Australia on the topic of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as they apply to hospitals and universities. He is presenting […]

Canberra’s parking squeeze

An opinion piece published on The Canberra Times site this week discussed the reaction of the Canberra community to the news that parking inspectors increased the number of infringements by 20% during this past year, reaching a value of $7.5 million. According to the newspaper article, Canberra’s layout is such that it makes car ownership […]

Davis Langdon Construction Sentiment Survey, Q3 2011

The September release of the Davis Langdon Sentiment Survey has seen the key sentiment indicator drop considerably from the April results, now down to -11 percent. According to Davis Langdon, this reflects a growing and ongoing uncertainty that has marked the industry through much of 2011. Optimism has declined in most states, which is reflected […]

Australian Parking Convention 2012

The Parking Association of Australia has announced the 13th Australian Parking Convention to be held once again at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, on November 11 – 13, 2012. The program will be designed to appeal to a broad range of individuals working within the parking industry, as well as providing a number of […]

Madame Parking: Teresa Sapey

When in Bogota recently for a client meeting, Cristina Lynn came across a very interesting woman dubbed “Madame Parking” by a Spanish design magazine. Teresa Sapey is an architect and designer based in Madrid, Spain. Amongst a wide range of beautiful and innovative public and private works (including this stunning video of Madrid’s Christmas Lights […]

Adelaide premier rolls back hospital parking fees

Both WA and SA have seen heated public debates over the past few months over the cost of parking at hospitals, with state government parking fee rate rises in WA in particular receiving significant negative backlash from the general public as well as the opposition party. You can read more about the Health Department’s proposed […]

Townsville parking officers to wear recorders

Council officers in Townsville are being equipped with small recording devices to give them additional support in dealing with angry motorists. The devices are being worn on the outside of the shirts of the officers, and are able to capture both voice and image recordings. The tool is being used mainly for collecting evidence, with […]

Perth airport introduces Park & Wait short-term facility

Perth airport has introduced a new Park & Wait facility in a bid to discourage illegal parking by the main entrance to the domestic terminal. According to The West Australian, despite all short-term car parks at the airport being free for the first 10 minutes, approximately 63,000 motorists are illegally parking around the precinct waiting […]