Traffic Engineer

I have a lot of passion and interest in transportation, as this is a very essential and fundamental part that keeps the world “spinning”. From a traffic police officer in China, I progressedto a senior transport network management & optimisation professional in New Zealand, before securing a traffic engineer role with ptc. in Australia.

I have advanced experience and skills in traffic control signals, SCATS, data analysis, network operations management and optimisation as well as various intelligent traffic systems. The extensive technical skills and operations management experience I have has been very helpful on the projects I have been involved in. It’s always a great pleasure to findthe optimal solution for the site operations and provide customers safe and smooth journeys for all modes transport.

Since joining ptc., I have immediately enjoyed working with the friendly and professional team. I also found my experience helped a lot on taking up SIDRA traffic modelling, transport impact assessments and s to connect the real-world transport network operations with the planning and modelling scenarios.

Outside work, amateur radio, flight simulator, DIY building are a just few of my hobbies, I really enjoy them as they can keep me learning some new technology and knowledge. I have a beautiful Labrador dog who has been giving me lots of love.

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