Senior Civil Engineer

I joined ptc. in 2017 after having my first taste of traffic engineering during my first internship at a local Council. This experience led me to pursue a career in traffic engineering with great interest, which helped me find my way to ptc.

I am blessed to have been exposed to many challenges during my time at ptc., working alongside a team of passionate professionals where I built up a proficiency in AutoCAD, Civil 3D and DRAINS modelling.

I have also had the opportunity to becoming involved in traffic and civil projects ranging from residential/ mixed-use developments to schools, hospitals, shopping centres and public domain/ WAD projects. I love the challenge each project brings, as there are never any two projects that are identical due to varying site conditions. The satisfaction and fulfilment I experience in providing efficient and innovative solutions for our clients fuels my passion.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling whenever I have the chance to, Pilates, playing board games and mahjong with friends and family.

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