Senior Consultant

I joined ptc. in 2007 following 25 years in business and corporate banking in the UK and Australia. Being a parking consultant has given me the opportunity to work with many great clients, on a diverse range of projects, all over Australia (good for the air miles!). Having been in the Industry so long, it has got to the stage where I cannot park in a car park without checking what brand of equipment is being used, signage in the car park, parking guidance systems etc (sad git that I am!). Combined with my passion for parking, I bring to projects a passion for delivering the best possible service to our clients, so that they are delighted with the outcomes.

Outside of the parking realm, I am usually to be found writing books, reading books, exploring the beautiful harbour foreshore and beaches around Sydney, and trying (not very successfully) to improve my golf. I have also been known to sing in our church choir (baritone).

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