Team Leader

Born in Lodz – Poland, educated in Darmstadt – Germany and then having moved to Sydney, many would say I am living the dream.

I graduated with a master’s degree in civil engineering (majoring in traffic and transport) from the Technical University of Darmstadt. Through my four years of work in a traffic and transport consultancy in Germany, I have gained my first engineering experience. Then I decided to travel, and during this time I managed an accommodation business in Far North Queensland, through which I experienced and embraced the importance of customer service and to think outside the box. I love to be thrown into the deep end because I love the challenge of finding the best possible solution.

Apart from engineering I enjoy travelling through less developed countries to experience untarnished people, cultures and creatures. When possible, I take every opportunity to scuba-dive; I am yet to complete my first half-marathon; and most recently I have taken up the science of baking.

By working at ptc. I have accepted the challenge of pursuing traffic engineering excellence (even if it’s on the “wrong” side of the road).

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