Project Director

After my initial work experience as a traffic and transport engineer in Germany, I decided to explore “the other side of the world” and ended up in Australia. I joined ptc. in 2017 and can now look back at years of personal and professional growth alongside a team of both knowledgeable and supporting people.

Having worked on a variety of traffic and parking projects over the years, my passion is increasingly turning towards finding a healthy balance between cars and alternative transport modes. I have recently completed the “Movement and Place” course and am looking forward to uncovering how better collaboration with stakeholders can turn into the development of better places.

Leading and mentoring a team of young talent is part of my day-to-day work, which gives me great pride and a feeling of fulfilment.

I love to be thrown into the deep end because I love the challenge of finding the best possible solution.

Apart from engineering, I enjoy traveling through less developed countries to experience untarnished people, cultures and creatures. When possible, I take every opportunity to scuba-dive; I am yet to complete my first half-marathon; and I enjoy the science of baking.

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