Post Graduate Civil Engineer

Civil engineering has always interested me, especially because it has played a vital role in improving people’s health and quality of life through the development of the basic infrastructure on which modern society depends.

Well-planned, well-structured and well-built urban environment can boost individuals’ mental health, save their time and make their life easier. This is the most enjoyable part of being a civil engineer and those are the principles I take to every project I’m involved with.

After graduating in civil design, I joined ptc. and continue to explore my interest in engineering. I’m pleased to be part of this great team, where I’m able to expand my knowledge in the traffic and civil fields while contributing with what I’ve learn in my 5 years of industry experience.

As part of my hobbies, you can find me visiting historical places or travelling to different countries to explore ancient expressions of art and the first urban developments. I find it fascinating to investigate the ancient developments as a starting point to create better solutions in the present.

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