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After working for 5 years as a management consultant in a multinational firm, I was drawn by the warmth of the ptc. family to join their team in 2017. I have had many careers in distinct fields, including copy writing, airline operations, financial public relations, investment promotion and research consultancy. Drawing from lessons learned, together with my MBA from the Melbourne Business School, I bring a very open mind and strong analytical skills to provide insights that may be hidden between the “parking” lines.

I particularly enjoy demystifying ambiguous situations through research and good old fashioned brain storming. I am fascinated by what impact technology advancements in transport, such as driverless cars and electric vehicles, will have on the mobility patterns and consequently the parking industry.

In my Client Services role, I am the first point of contact for both existing and new clients and manage the entire lifecycle of new opportunities. From identification of new opportunities, to defining the scope of works and finally development of proposals.

When out of the office, I am an avid footballer (I refuse to ever call it soccer), a die-hard Liverpool FC supporter and a part-time inventor of Aran Blocks (an educational toy).

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