Junior Traffic Engineer

Undertaking a bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering with an Architecture minor at the University of New South Wales, has led me to understand and value the importance of effective wayfinding and navigation within existing spaces, especially in populated urban cities. This interest led me to reach out to ptc. as an engineering consulting firm that seemed to share my vision.

With the opportunity to work alongside skilled professionals, I have already had exposure to varying projects, allowing me to improve and develop my skills in AutoCad, traffic modelling and design reviews. Being able to work on such projects has provided me great satisfaction, knowing that the solutions that ptc. provides automatically strive for the improvement of social norms, including liveability and sustainability.

Lately in my personal time, I have been enjoying the game of billiards every now and then, learning the science behind various moves and techniques. Previous to picking up pool, I dabbled in dance classes in hopes of improving my sense of coordination and rhythm. I also enjoy tasting different cuisines and exploring new cultures especially when travelling to different countries.

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